Secondary Literature

Relevant secondary literature. The private library of the collector – bibliographies and important monographs. The collection also includes the section of Silvia Schlenstedt’s library which was on Spain. Ms. Schlenstedt (1931 – 2011) was a literary scholar, who did research on exiles.
Because of the increasingly digital provision of originals and texts, the collection is being continually expanded in its media library.

Bibliographies and monographs

Michael Uhl, Mythos Spanien. Das Erbe der internationalen Brigaden in der DDR. J.H.W. Dietz Nachf. Bonn 2004. (Spain as a myth. The heritage of the International Brigades in the GDR. J.H.W. Dietz Nachf. Bonn 2004). This copy is from Sylvia Schlenstedt’s library.

Dieter Nelles, Harald Piotrowski, Ulrich Linse, Carlos García: Antifascistas alemanes en Barcelona (1933-1939). El Grupo DAS: sus actividades contra la red nazi y en el frente de Aragón. First Edition. Barcelona, Editorial Sintra 2010. 430 pp.

Dieter Nelles, Linse, Ulrich, Piotrowski, Harald, Carlos Garcia: Deutsche AntifaschistInnen in Barcelona 1933-1939. Die Gruppe >>Deutsache Anarchosyndikalisten<< (DAS). Heidelberg, Verlag Graswurzelrevolution 2013. 425(7) S. (German Anti-Fascists in Barcelona 1933-1939. The group >> German Anarcho-Syndicalists<<. Corrected, revised and expanded german translation of the Spanish edition. Heidelberg, Verlag Graswurzelrevolution 2013. 425(7) pp.)

Bibliographische Kalenderblätter: Spanien 1936-1939. Berlin 1961 (Bibliographical calender sheets: Spain 1936-1939. Berlin 1961)

Right: cover page

J.G. Duran, Bibliography of the Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939. Montevideo 1964

Spiller, Hans-Dieter, Tilo Opitz: Katalog der DDR-Unterhaltungsliteratur. 2. überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. Briesen 2012. (Catalogue of light fiction in the GDR. Second revised and expanded edition. Briesen 2012)

Ricardo de la Cierva, Bibliografiá general sobre la Guerra de España. Madrid-Barcelona 1968.

Cuadernos Bibliograficos de la Guerra de Espana 1936 -1939. 8 volumes, Madrid 1966-1970.

Fernando Rodriguez de la Torre, Bibliografía de las Brigadas Internacionales y de la participación deextranjeros a favor de la República (1936-1939). Albacete 2006.

Las Brigadas Internationales Segun testimonio de sus artifices. Barcelona 1939.

Peter Härtling, Der Spanische Soldat oder Finden und Erfinden. Frankfurter Poetik-Vorlesungen. Darmstadt und Neuwied, Sammlung Luchterhand 1984. 95 S. (The Spanish Soldier or finding and invention. The Frankfurt lectures on poetics 1984. 95 pp.)

The power of memory. "We could be him and by, chance, we are not."

Peter Weiss - The Aesthetics of Resistance. 1975 - 2016

Picture on the right: Die Ästhetik des Widerstands. Roman. 3 volumes. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt 1975, 1980, 1981.
Picture on the left: Die Ästhetik des Widerstands. Novel. 3 volumes. Berlin, Henschel Verlag 1983. 5000 copies of this book were published; however, the book was not publicly sold in the GDR. In 1987, a second edition of this book was printed and was sold in East German bookstores.


Die Ästhetik des Widerstands. novel. Frankfurt, Büchergilde Gutenberg 2016. Definitive edition. Appeared at the same time as the edition in the Suhrkamp publishing house.

Irme Schaber: 25 years of research for Gerda Taro. Rediscovering and including her in the history of the development of the war photography of the 20th century.

Death in the Making. Photographs by Robert Capa and Gerda Taro. Captations by Robert Capa, Translated by Jay Allen. Preface by Jay Allen. Arrangement by André Kertesz. New York, Covici & Friede Inc 1938.

Left: inside of the cover – front side
Right: back cover, photograph by Gerda Taro

left: Irme Schaber, Gerda Taro – Fotoreporterin im spanischen Bürgerkrieg. Marburg 1994. First edition.

Middle: Irme Schaber, Gerda Taro Una fotografa rivoluzionaria nella Guerra civile spagnola. Rome 2007. Revised, Italian edition of Gerda Taro – Fotoreporterin im spanischen Bürgerkrieg. Marburg 1994

Right: Irme Schaber, Gerda Taro. Une photographe révolutionnaire dans la guerre d`Espagne. Paris 2006. Revised French edition of Gerda Taro – Fotoreporterin im spanischen Bürgerkrieg. Marburg 1994

Schaber, Whelan, Lubben, Gerda Taro. New York, Göttingen 2007. Published in conjunction with the exhibition Gerda Taro by the International Center of Photography, ICP New York.

Irme Schaber, Preliminary Remarks on Gerda Taro`s Documentation of the Andalusian Mining Region, Córdoba Front. S. 239-252. In: The Mexican Suitcase. The rediscovered Spanish Civil War Negatives of Capa, Chim and Taro. Vol 1 The History, Vol 2 The Films. Edited by Cynthia Young. New York - Göttingen, International Center of Photography - Steidl Verlag 2010.

Irme Schaber, Gerda Taro - Fotoreporterin. The Biography. Marburg  2013.  2nd Completely Revised an expanded Edition. Japanese Edition 2015 from: Gerda Taro - Fotoreporterin. The Biography. Marburg 2013

Research in Spain on Gerda Taro – Further developing continuation and broadening by regional references

FV Foto-Vidéo Actualidad Nr. 245/2017. Alfonso del Barrio: In Memoriam. On the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the date of death of Gerda Taro. Identification of the site where Gerda Taro died on 26 July 1937 in Hospital Nummer II El Escorial, San José. pp. 20 – 37. FV is the oldest photography magazine in Spain.


To find out more:

7th Festival for Photography f/stop Leipzig 25 June 2016 – 3 July 2016. This festival on contemporary artistic photography has been put on since 2007 by the Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Fotografie Leipzig e.V. (ZZF).

Installation of the historic photographs by Gerda Taro as part of the photo festival in Leipzig. Destruction of the panels on 4 August 2016.

History cannot be blackened out – rededication of the panels with photography by Gerda Taro on 19 September 2916. This was made possible by a successful crowdfunding initiative.

Gerda-Taro-Square in Stuttgart

Gerda-Taro-Square 2015. Fotos: M. Abbrecht

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